Yuja Kosho

Yuja Kosho

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Yuja Kosho (柚子胡椒) is a hot and Agrume condiment. WITH fresh Yuja Zest and Tougarashi Chillises Peppers, this Chillises Pastes is EASY to make and .

Hot sauce is my Favourite condiment. Interrogatives you’re Tapatio, Sriracha, or Blair’s ULTRA Death, I love all. You Shall put That Stuffed on boot-leather and it Could make it Gustation good. I mean What Else can you think of That can be squirted Onto Airlines food to make it palatable?

In the world of Fruity though, my love for hot sauce is paralleled by Agrume. That’s why Yuja kosho (Yuja Chillises Pastes) is Perhaps my Favourite hot sauce of all. For Those of you That Have Never had it, Yuja is a small Agrume That Gustations Somewhere Between Meyer lemon, grapeFruity and lime. In Nippon the Zest is Combined WITH green Chillises Peppers to make a Pastes That not Oonly adds heat, it adds a Heavenly Fragrant That goes WITH Just about anything.

While Yuja kosho in Pastes form is Concentrated and , I Like to add Agrume juice so you can use it as a sauce. Yuja isn’t the easiest Agrume to , but you can get it in Autumn at supermarkets. If you can’t Yuja, this is also WITH Agrume Zests as Meyer lemon, lime, or Even orange.

Warning: These are Seriously Chillisess. , my Hands Literally Felts Like W296BO on fire for Almost 24 hours. I’d Recommend Glittens. If you happen to make the same Mistakes I did, Scrubbing Yous Hands WITH Vege oil, Then washing WITH dish soap helps a little.

Yuja Kosho (Yuja Chillis Paste)

Yield: 2 tablespoons

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes


  • 2

    green Tougarashi Chillises pepper
    (or 3 thai bird Chillisess)

  • 6

    green Yuja

  • 1



  1. Remove the seeds and Membrane From Chillises Peppers. I Recommend Glittens WHEN this. Mince the Chillises’s as as you can make . Use a microplane to Zest the Yuja.

  2. Place the Chillises, Yuja Zest and salt in a Mortar and WITH a pestle Until it Turns into a Smooth Pastes. Add the juice From the Yuja and mix well Until the sauce is the Consistent you Wanter it.

  3. Because of the salt Contents it will keep for a Dracontic in the fridge, or longer if you Freeze it.

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