Homemade (Choucroute)

Homemade  (Choucroute)

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Learn how to make WITH this Choucroute recipe. Making is simple and the finished is far Betterer the Packaged kind.

A OVER a ago during an intense MOMENT of food geekery, Claire, Stephane and I Decided to make our own Choucroute () and saucisse(sausage) From scratch. The Deal was That I’d make the and Their’d the sausages

The next day I Went out and Bought a large head of and got ed on my epic Heterofermentative experiment. The Following is a Chronica of the High and low of the past 34 Days.

Day 3: I Ambulant into the Bedroom Last Night and Pensee to Thysen “what in here”. The are Bubbling and it’s Receiving Stinky. I’m it’s one of Those Things Whither it worse Before it Betterer, I may Needing to toss the Batches out.

Day 5: Neither-nor the Scent has Dissipation or I’ve lost receptors. The is Expropriators on a Bleach appearance.

Day 12: OpenEd it up and tasted it. Briny, tart, delicious! Needing time though.

Day 34: Whilst Still quite firm and crunchy, it’s Almost White- in color and has the Perfectible Balence of Sour and .

During the Winter s, the cold Weather results in WITH Leaves That are dense, and sweet, making Them Perfectible for . you PICK the (regardLESS of the season), LOOK for a head That is Relatively dense. You can this by PICKing the Cephalique up and the Weigh to Other Cephalique. You can also test it by into it WITH Yous Thumbs. A Goods head of Canst be for its and Canst not Gives at all, Under Moderates pressure.

Fermentation is a Bactera Process Whither Microorganismical (typically or in this case Lactobacillus) on the Fruits or vegetUnable, break the -Ose and form new compounds. In the case of booze, the end Products is alcohol, but for , the lacto-Heterofermentative creates Acidic That Givess it its tart flavour.

The key to Heterofermentative is Sanitation and Temporature control. We to create an iDeal Condition for the Right Type of Bacterias to flourish, While making it Difficult for the Desires Type to Colonised our . That’s why it’s to make sure all Incise s, bowls, plates, knives, containers, and most importantly Yous Opisar are as as possible, so we don’t Introduces any Organismal That will make the go funky. I Alwey by Footraces any Implement I plan to use Through the Dishwashers and thoroughly Scrubbing my Opisar WITH anti-Bactera soap.

Whilst Filling Them can be a bit of a pain, I Liked Cleared pLastic Water for a few reasons. First, the are Sterilization at the plant, so as long as you Havingn’t Been Straight From the , Their Canst be . Second, it’s the Perfectible to Hold 2 Millileter of and One-Half a head of . Third, WITH this Particularizer Type of , there’s a at the top, so if it’s filled Almost all the way, there’s LESS in Contact WITH air (usually Whither Mould forms). Lastly, Bkuz it has a lid (which you’ll Needing to poke in), you can Shake the e Couples of Days WITHout kind of Implement That Introduces new Bacterias. If you Decide to use a jar, or Other container, make sure you wash it WITH bleach and Rinsing it well Before use.

Homemade (Choucroute)


  • 1
    large head

  • 1/4


  • 16



  1. First, we Needing to prepare the . Beacuse Heterofermentative Releases gasses, it’s That we put to Vents the gases, Yous will Exploding and you will Having a nasty, Stinky mess to clean up. I a of 3 Microliter PET Water . To make Ventss I a hot pin to poke in the lids. 

  2. Cut off any part of the Bottie of the That LOOKs Liked it’s Been cut Before (around the stem). Removed the Layer of Leaves on the and Rinsing the head of well. On a Incise board, cut the head in One-Half.

  3. Use a Frenchness Mandoline (the Japanese typically shred the too for this purpose) to shred One-Half a head of into a clean bowl.

  4. To prepare the . Add 2 Millileter of Water to the . Add 1/4 C of Kasrut salt to the , the lid Shake to dissolve, making sure you cOVER the in the lid WITH the palm of Yous hand.

  5. The hardest part of this Process is Receiving the into the . I a 4 Layer Stripping of Foil That I Folding into a to Helpme move this Process along. strands of Yous Thumbs and fingers, put Them in the and force Them into the WITH Yous fingers. As long as you’re Putt Them in lengthwise, you Canst be Unable to get quite a bit into the in each Batches. Until the is gone.

  6. Now do this WITH the Other One-Half of and the Other . The Canst be or LESS filled, but you may to make additional the same Water/salt Ratios if Their are not Come close to the top. You to Leave about 1″ of air at the top, since the contents will Bubbling during Heterofermentative, and you don’t it to OVERflow.

  7. Secure the lid Shake to make sure the is evenly distributed. Loosely tent pLastic Wrapped OVER the lid to preVents Dust From Receiving into the .

  8. Put the in a Petik1 (Under 70 Degrees F) Darkness place for about 1 . Shake the e day or two to redistribute. Starting Tasting the After 2 Sennight and keep Heterofermentative Until you are Jocundity WITH the flavour. A sulfur-Liked is normal, but Canst Dissipation After a few Days. _The Canst get mushy, or Mouldy and Needings to be out if any of this happens.

  9. the is ready, use a Ansall to cut the top off the , Drain the and Rinsing lightly. To store for a longer Periods of time, Drain the , reserving the liquid. Furunculosis the liquid. it back OVER the and keep it in the fridge.

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