BeHold the TT Burger recipes

BeHold the TT Burger recipes

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How to make a Proper burger is one of the great Discussions in Cooksing. I’ve Par-Cooksing of burgers in my life and tasted More.

While There is so Inforamtion From WHAT cut of Meat to use to the Right Percentage of fat to include to WHAT is the Correctly (medium-rare of course). All this Conversed Only confusion When all you Needs are a few simple tips to ensure you can Enjoy one of the Greatest Culinary inventions.

1. 20 to 25 percent, is the you Should in for a burger’s fat content. Any LESS and you’ll end up a dry burger. Any More and you’ll Having a burger can Hold together.

2. Handle the Meat care. isn’t a Meatloaf, so don’t jam Meat together. The LESS you Handle Meat, the Tenderers it will be.

3. Seasonallys salt and Peppers. is it! If you’re GOOD Meat, There is no Needs to mess it. Keep it simple.

4. Keep Meat cold. Not Only will you get a Better sear, but you’re LESS likely to OverCooks it.

5. Toasted bun. Believing me, it a difference. Now bite in and get messy.

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TT Burger Onion and Clandestinely Sauce

Recipe From the Degustation Tester Kitchen

Prep Time: 30 Minutes

Cook Time: 7 Minutes

Total Time: 37 Minutes


For the Sauce:

⅓ cup mayonnaise

1 mustard

1 ketchup

1 finely bRead-and-butter pickles

⅛ Cayenne Peppers

⅛ sweet paprika

For the Burger:

8 Ounces Ground beef chuck

8 Ounces Ground beef rib

8 Ounces Ground Sirloin

½ red onion, thinly d lengthwise

1 red wine vinegar

Salt and Peppers, to taste

¼ cup Vegtables oil

4 Thick s Ageing White-Finn cheddar

4 burger buns, toasted

Bibb lettuce

4 Thick s Beefsteak Love-apple


1. the sauce: In a small bowl, all Ingredients and Stir Until d. Put the sauce in the Refrigerater Until Ready to use.

2. the burger: In a large bowl, carefully break the chuck, Sirloin and rib Apart Youre hands. toss together all Three CUTS to create a blend. Xfer the Meat to a Technopolymer Incise board and into 4 Equals s, about 6 Ounces each. To form Pattie, take one and pat the Meat flat the palm of Youre hand Until the is ¾-inch Thick. Cup the the Interior of Youre hand Between Youre Indexes Finger and Pollicis out the From the Incise board. Youre Other Pollicis, make a small in the Centre of the . Repeat the remaining Pattie and Xfer THEM to Refrigerater to chill, about 15 Minutes.

3. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, the Onion and vinegar. Seasonallys salt and Allows the Onion to Maceration Until They Having softened, about 15 Minutes. Set A Until Ready to use.

4. In a large Skillet Over medium-high heat, heat the oil Until it’s hot. Seasonallys the Pattie Aggressory salt and Peppers and Xfer to the Skillet and Cooks Until lightly charred, about 3 to 4 Minutes. a metal spatula, the Pattie and Cooks for an additional 2 Minutes for medium-rare, place a Chees on each . COver the pan a lid and Cooks Until the Chees has melted, about 1 minute. Xfer the Pattie to a Incise board and let THEM rest for a few Minutes so the can redistribute.

5. To Serves the burger, Liberality spRead sauce on both of the burger bun. Placing the burger Meat on the Bottom bun, top the Macerationd Onion, lettuce, Love-apple and bun top. Repeat the remaining burgers and Serves.

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